News – 01.10.2019

komuno hosts workshop on municipal financing at the "Deutscher Kämmerertag 2019"

Municipal loan platforms are an opportunity to streamline processes in local government and can help the municipal lending business transform its processes and extend its reach – this was in the conclusion of a workshop on municipal financing held as part of the "Deutscher Kämmerertag 2019" on 26 September in Berlin.
The workshop host, Susan Niederhöfer, managing director of komuno, talked to well-known representatives from municipal finance departments as well as the "Deutscher Städtetag", the "Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund" and the University of Leipzig. The panel participants highlighted the following key factors for the success of a platform:

  • Data security
  • Municipalities’ internal regulations on the use of credit platforms
  • A sufficiently large number of banks submitting offers
  • Additional functions such as the brokerage of investment products

The transaction costs incurred by loan providers on platforms were also discussed, as these potentially increase the cost of the loan. In addition to boosting the efficiency of platform technology, komuno also offers banks direct interfaces with their own IT systems. In the medium term, this will generate considerable cost savings on the provider side.

Local authorities are likely to make increasing use of loan platforms. This was also clear from the TED survey conducted among the approximately 60 workshop participants. Respondents hope that it will be possible in future to digitally replicate the entire lending process.

Further information on the conference can be found on the homepage of the Neue Kämmerer.

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